Sunday, January 29, 2012

Maetel's Hat...

I've had this lovely Large Toei Animation Character doll since the early 2000's. I am guessing about 2003/4. Not sure cause, not like my other dolls I didn't take photos of her or document her right away. I think it was because I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep her. When I won her she was considered cheap because she was missing her furry hat. But the price was about the same as buying a ball jointed doll! So, I kept her safely packed away for some time. Til' recently, during this past Christmas, I found another up for auction via YJA. She had her hat and was similar in condition to mine. I watched the auction and it ended in a whopping 2K! I was in shock! About 4 times the price I paid for her, and this was just because she had her hat!

Well, anyhow, since then, I decided I needed to take her out and make that hat! Since I don't have any furry black fabric, only in felt, I decided to make her this hat, til' I can get the short black fur fabric to make a better one... results below!

Maetel, has quite a charm all her own. Her lovely long hair and eyes, remind me of the anime cartoon she is from. Toei Animation toys, did a exellent job of reproducing her character in dolly form. I do not believe there are others made like her in this series...but you never know?

She is dreamy and reminds me of vintage anime I grew up with! Thanks for reading... - ggsdolls


  1. Could you please tell me what the name or the style of her hat is called? Like stetson etc... it makes me think of a Russian styled hat... but I don't know the hat style's name.

    1. HI, nope sorry, I don't know, but I agree it is like a Russian style winter hat. let me google it! says a Shapka! hugs, gg