Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New ABJD, Leeke Ariana Arrives...

I've been wanting a Leeke Mikhaila since seeing her on DOA, only because of her curvy body! So, for Christmas my husband kept asking me what I wanted, and in my own subtle way...I told him, a doll. He said, "Yes" I was so happy. So, I did some research and looked often via DOA and Flickr and ended up getting myself a Leeke Ariana instead. These are the one's released with a big head like Blythe, but without the big eyes-_-; Still, I was able to get one and that's all that mattered and I love the pear-shaped body the most! I may change the head, but the bod, I would use!

So, here she is, Leeke Ariana...It's been some time since I owned an ABJD...my daughter owns two! The one's she adopted from me!

I was able to get the same eyes as in the listing for faceup type B. I also bought the same wig, but in a golden rod color since the eve cream was sold out. I thought she'd take 20 to 30 days til' she was sent out. But to my surprise she was ready to ship just after the New Year's weekend...and arrived to me a few days later...

I don't own much clothing or wigs in her size, not even shoes...So, here I go having to find new stuff...but this time I am taking my time...to see if I bond with her or not first... Still she is a lovely gal! She is wearing a top for a mini build a bear toy, and bottoms formerly owned by my dollmore model dolls... - ggsdolls