Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Arrivals from Yahoo Japan!

During Christmas break, I acquired some funds and was able to make a few purchases thru Yahoo Japan, that I normally wouldn't have. So, just today the loot arrived and I must say they were all worth the money!

Items above that came in today!

This guy was a cute plush I found and sold fairly cheap. It will be added to the shop!

This lovely retro dresser mint in box. I was surprise, cause I figured someone would outbid me on this one, but no one did. So, I got it fairly cheap too! This will be added to the shop as well!

This cute vinyl face tan baby! The photo on the left he was missing his stuffing and was probably used as a puppet? On the right, I added some stuffing and sewed the backside to keep it all in! He is my fave of the whole lot and will be keeping him for now!! I also received a cute "Up" Mr. Ferguson cell charm, to give to my daughter, and the doll ad below!

This lovely two ads one of Tan Rokotan doll on the left, and Yukkochan and friends on the right! A double ad if you will. Lovely and in great condition too! Thanks for reading... - ggsdolls

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