Saturday, January 21, 2012

Selling Photograph Prints!

I decided to get some opinions from my flickr friends about my latest dolly photographs. I've been wanting to do a board book using these pics, but it's been hard trying to find the right company and format to use. So, instead I've made some into postcards that are already selling in my shop. But from the amazing opinions of my friends, I've decided also to do photograph prints of my works!

These are a few below of what has been a favorite so far. I hope you all check it out and see if you'd like to purchase a copy too!

This one above of my perfekta Wee Whimsie doll and her friend a sekiguchi bear! Great for Valentine's Day gift too!

My sweet Italian made doll with her balloons. I was able to find a set of colored balloons for this pic! Great for birthdays or just for a baby or child's room!

This one above says it all, "I'm Yours" just in time for Valentine's Day too! He's a sweet wee whimsie doll.

Please check out my ggsdolls shop for details! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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