Thursday, February 23, 2012

Edward Mobley Co. Pony...

For some time I've been admiring from afar these lovely 1960's Edward Mobley Co. squeak toys by The Arrow Toy Co.. I've mostly seen cats, sheep, bears. But recently I found a pony! They have those cute lovely sleep eyes in brown and they are quite interesting to look at. So, since finding the pony, and it arriving today, I just had to take some photos!

He's somewhat faded, but still nice to look at. I love the vintage look of him and will add him to my baby dolls and toys section in my cabinet. I know I will have more photo shoots with him. Smiley like's him very much!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. love the pony ! I just recently started collecting the dolls I have seven now I love to take photo & post them on my Facebook page they are so adorable ! But I have also had my eye on the pony , elephant (with the cloth ears ) & a chimp :)

    1. Awesome dear! Thanks for sharing. I have to see the elephant and chimp now^_~ hugs, gg