Monday, February 13, 2012

My Latest Shojo Manga Reads, etc...

Since the mid 90's I found this amazing story thru the Margaret manga comics. I told myself when they finally have the novels printed in english I'd try to get them...Sadly, I could only find a website that has them scanned for my reading pleasure in English!

I started reading "Ao No Fuuin" or "The Blue Seal" by Chie Shinohara also the same author of "Red River" or "Anatolia's Story". The whole story line is wild, but since I have the books for "Red River" and love her works with that one, I figured "The Blue Seal" is just as good!

Boy, it's been 3 days of reading the books online and I must say it did not disappoint, in the lovey dovey section, but kinda gross and a bit long-winded, it's still a good read if you are all about love! LOL! I am almost done reading the 11 novels, but I would prefer to have the actual books in my hands I must say...someday!?

In other news, I received this lovely 50's style wrap dress made for Ideal Liz or Carol Brent. I want to get more fashions from this particular doll, only because, they can fit my Lina dolls or the mannequins! We'll see...

Not much else happening these days...Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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