Friday, February 17, 2012

New Collection?! Postcards too!

In the mail today, I received a vintage trinket box I found thru etsy. I actually looks a lot like the containers on Yahoo Japan under Ayumi Uyama. I love the floral decor and look of the containers, but always get outbidded thru YJA. But this time I found this one here in the good ole' USA and at a nice price too!

The pink one, I got some time last year in a Lot of vintage items thru Yahoo Japan. The green one is the new one I received in the mail. Cute and I love the cover with it's geometric styling and shininess! What to use it for now...LOL!

Another look at them. They were probably used for powder? on a dresser?

I also received from my latest set of postcards. They have been added to the shop in sets for purchase! Check em' out!

I decided to have the set above for any occasion. Depending on what you want to use it for! It's blank on the backside so you can send it to a loved one, for just about any reason!

This set of course for birthdays! For a child, elderly loved one, just about anyone! On the back is says, "Wishing you a Happy Birthday!" All the cards are available in my etsy shop!! - ggsdolls


  1. Dear, I totally understand you!
    I also can not get enough of trinket boxes and other containers for kitschy stuff and jewelry :)