Thursday, May 31, 2012

Betty and Jane Hybrids!

I haven't really posted anything about these two gals. But back in April I decided to get myself a pure neemo xs body. Just to see how small and how much more poseability it had. When the body arrived from Mimiwoo on ebay. I was just in love! This body was amazing. I originally got it to see if it could fit my Kiraz heads. Sadly, I would have to adjust or add something to keep the heads in place. So instead, I tried a Tiny teen head! Sure enough Betty was created! The body can fit some Remco Heidi clothing, some Lati Yellow dress or tops, but mostly, Hasbro's World of love doll clothing!

After creating Betty, I decided in May to buy another xs bod. Sadly, I do not know if they created interchangeable hands for this size yet, but I am hopeful. The Normal Flection bod is nice, but just to thick and a bit bulky for me. I simply love the xs size!!

Betty on the left outside. She can also fit Susie Sad eyes clothing too. Nice slender body, her feet can fit Licca shoes well. On the right, is Jane wearing World of Love clothing, shoes made for Lati Yellow dolls. The poseability of these dolls are awesome!!

I'd like to try other small doll heads to see what they might look like?!!
Thanks for reading!! - ggsdolls


  1. Is the pink polka dot dress a latti yellow top? Or a licca chan dress. It is really cute. Goes perfectly with her!!

    1. Thank you dear! The yellow top is a vintage blouse made for Hasbro's World of Love dolls. You might be able to find it thru ebay? Many hugs, gg