Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goodies from Japan...

I was so glad to see the new shipment in today! Many items to be added to the shop and a very small few...hint, hint...LOL for me!
Above some amazing pencil cases arrived!! First, the one on the left is by Eico Hanamura a lovely mod pencil case. I wanted for myself at the time, but I really need to make cash for other items to come in-_-; So, it was added to the shop! I won a lot of 2 pencil cases this next one is by Kazu-Nakamura, and it's similar to a large pencil case I used to own. I love her artwork as well, and it came with the Twinkle case at the far right. Then, this amazing and lovely Masako W. Lady pencil case. There were two being sold by one seller, but sadly, I was outbidded for the other-_-; I am still happy to have won this one, it was my first choice. Then I also binned these two vintage shoulo fashion coloring books and I must say I got them for the shop, but now, I just may keep them too.
Not photographed with the group above is a Maho no Makochan badge...

Some dreamy fashion girls to color inside! Some of the pages were colored already, by a previous owner. Still the coloring was nicely done!
 My lovely Makochan badge above. A lovely addition to my growing badge collection!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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