Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shipment in this week!

Well, lately, I've been focusing on finding things to sell in my shop the past month or so. It's been nice and I've found many wonderful treasures, but it is so hard to tell myself, "No, I can't keep it!" LOL! I mean, yes, it is wonderful I get first dibs and all, but lately, I've often had to go back to my collection and say, "Nope, its gotta go!" Great for my buyers, sad for me-_-; But I will be okay...I just need to stay focused...

So, here are some of the items that came in this week!

 I was lucky enough to win a second Lot of Chieko Hosokawa sketch bags 2 weeks ago. This lot is very similar to the last one, but the bag with the retro girl in yellow is a button closure bag instead of the usual zippered closure style. Same design and look as the last two I had and sold fast in the shop! I also found a Lot of 2 colored pencil tins. This amazing vintage back pack with artwork by Sachiko? I need to do some research for her artwork...A lovely Robot and retro girl shoe bag, an airplane purse style bag with artwork that looks like Junichi N. but it is not signed, and finally, a Lot of 2 Hi bag with Koichi name artwork. A nice pair of vinyl totes too!

This lovely vintage kinder backpack with Kanna Sachiko artwork? Lovely retro girl and her kitty. The bag is lovely, but well used, with marks, and dirt to be cleaned...I would like one in my collection, but still deciding?

 Lovely anime girl colored pencil tin. I love the vintage southern belle look!

Most if not all of these lovely treasures will be added to the shop. So check back often!
Thanks for looking at this post. - ggsdolls

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