Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Small Package from Japan today!

I decided to get a few of the items I won via Japan sent to me this week. A few cute items for the shop, but mostly for a rare item that I came across and won!
I found another cute Aki square jewelry box, a margaret cute girl overlay, Pop fancy purse with jewelry accessories, a stationary envelope set as a gift from a seller, and a Lot of 2 rare and lovely Macoto memo booklets!
A closeup above of the Margaret overlay. Has lovely shoujo style anime girl and her kitty. I love the red gingham print in the background. This overlay is quite different from the others in my collection, in that there is a clear vinyl that covers this image and you put it over the image to protect as you write on a sheet of paper!
Sweet Rose and Sweet Violet memo booklets. Have lovely Macoto T. artwork on them. They seem more recent and not as old as his usual stuff, but these rare booklets cost me quite a lot of moolah-_-; I am deciding whether to keep one and sell one or not?
 Inside you can see the lovely Macoto notepad, and a card on the left. Inside is a place for your coins and a small pocket. Quite rare indeed!

Thanks for looking and reading today's post! - ggsdolls


  1. Hi how are you?

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    1. Jesse, Hi, and thanks for reading my blog! I'd love to check out your blog and add you as a friend! Thanks too, ggsdolls