Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back home and What came in the Mail!!

We got in since Saturday evening, but of course the PO is closed on Sunday. So, when Monday came I couldn't wait to get up there to pick up the boxes that were waiting for me! I had 3 slips. One shipment from Korea, one from Thailand and one from Japan.
I got my usual shipment from Japan, but this one was large because I had won a retro chair. Inside, I got one lot of 3 pencil tins, which included a Miyako M. one, the other two were by Tombow, but probably more recent. An Eico H. pencil tin, and two kinder bags! This shipment was quite small, but I was glad it was in. Most have already been added to my shop!

Then, my long awaited Aram dolls by Atomaru. These Doran Doran dolls, are the second release called, Baekdan and Heukdan. I had a friend who was able to order thru the Korea realease to get mine earlier. I must admit I couldn't wait any longer...They are truly gorgeous and quite unique I must say. So tiny, they don't fit many of the doll clothes I have and I am still trying to find something for them to wear!! But I love them so much, my fave is the brunette!

It feels good to be home and now, I can focus on playing with my Doran Doran dolls!!LOL!


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