Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A day at the County Fair in San Diego!!

Since we had been in San Diego for the rest of the week...we decided to go to the San Diego County Fair, instead of Las Vegas or Disneyland for the girls! I must admit it was an amazing time for all. We got up early and got there about 10:30am. Lined up for about an hour, since we had already gotten our tickets ahead of time, then on our way in we went!!

As we entered the fair grounds, our first look, was this amazing robot, moving and talking! The girls loved him and we took a bit of video too! We decided since it was close to lunch, we'd eat first. There were so many things to eat from the entrance...goodies here and there!
 We decided on some fried battered veggies! It was very filling to say the least! Then, headed into a little area that had farm animals and looked around. Afterwards, we all decided to go to Kiddy Land first for the girls...
The rides on this side was great and game booths too! The girls loved it. We had spent the day walking around this area, then we finished the day on the wilder rides. I had only tried 2 of the rides, the Ferris wheel, and Zip Line! Yup, Zip Lining...I've always wanted to try it, and told myself it was on my bucket list!! The day was amazing and we ended it with sprinkled covered frozen banana's, caramel apples and a hot dog!! An amazing end to an amazing vacation day!! Thanks for reading...

- ggsdolls

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