Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's been awhile Eh?! Today's Loot!

I haven't been posting too much since, but today I got a small package from Japan with just 3 items in it. Most which will stay with me! The dollar is still struggling-_-; So, I haven't really been up to much except, trying to sell off some of my precious dolls-_-;
I've been looking for a cart to do a little picture project, I've been thinking of. I found this amazing mint and complete Candy Candy popcorn cart! It wasn't cheap that's for sure-_-; but worth it! I found this lovely Keiko pencil case, seems vintage like some of my other cases, may keep it?? Then, this cute red Shevie doll from Japan?!! I am a bit confused. I usually find my shevie dolls thru France or Italy, rarely do I see them from Japan! So, I had to snatch this one right up! Seems like a reproduction from Hong Kong possibly? She is nice and mint has a sewn on tag and I love her bib and white bows. Her squeaker protrudes a bit more than my vintage one, but sounds nice and clear!

Thanks for reading... - ggsdolls

PS I have plans for the cart and hopefully will share what that is soon!

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