Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last package for a bit-_-;

Today, I received a small package. Just a few last items I won thru Yahoo Japan. It's been rough, but the dollar is not getting any stronger...
A lovely "Aim for the Ace" shoe bag. This one is made differently, with cloth instead of the usual vinyl. Lovely, graphics and comes with a tag. A new addition to my collection, this lovely Yukiko Tani pencil case. Similar in design to my Miyako Maki or Masako Watanabe vintage cases, but this one is so nice and minty. It's hard to believe it is vintage?! I also got momoko red glasses for my Aram dolls, and I won this lot of vintage celluloid dolls, that I later found are called, "Celluya" also "Miko-chan" My fave is the red head with blue eyes, and the brunette with blue eyes! I will add one to the shop...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

For reference from trissytrizzy:
This is a celluya doll made by the Japanese doll artist, Mr Hirai. Mr Hirai is the third generation in his family making celluloid dolls. Miko chan is very very light. You can break it easily with one single hand.

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