Friday, July 6, 2012

Strolling thru Beverly Hills and Hollywood...

We had an amazing 4th of July, just spending it with my Sister in-law and her block party! Today, we decided since we had to drive up to LA for our flight the next day, we would stay a nite at the Hacienda near LAX and just relax before taking our flight back to Guam starting early Friday morning. Then, my husband said, wanna drive around LA! We all agreed...we decided to see the coast first, then ended up on a road taking us thru Beverly Hills!!
My goodness, there were so many expensive cars and homes in one place it was crazy for us little people!! We drove thru Hollywood n Vine and saw some many wonderful shops and places that were familiar to what we had seen on TV like, the Capitol Records bldg., a comedy theatre and walk of the stars...
 We finally got close enough to the sign and took some pics. Leaving the area was like a maze though...but we all truly enjoyed it. A beautiful ending to a wonderful trip to CA! We got back to the hotel ate dinner, and tried to we had an early flight to catch to Honolulu on the way back home to Guam! Thanks for reading. - ggsdolls


  1. Lucky you. I have never been in those areas. Looks like you had a wonderful time there.

    1. Dear Lils,

      Thank you dear, and we did! We were surprised to find it. A nice guy at the gas station told us to just drive down that street! hugs, gg