Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Watching Disney's Brave!

We had been in California since last week Thursday for a family reunion over the weekend. While in Murrieta, CA my daughters and I went to the Promenade Mall there and found a Disney Store. They immediately fell in love with the main character from the movie "Brave". My daughter Taby bought a Merida doll and my youngest a McQueen car pillow. But low and behold we ended up going back to the store a day later, because both girls wanted something else there. Taby wanted to get the queen, and a large childlike version of Merida, and Sara wanted to copy her sister and get the Merida doll because she loved the bow n arrow so much! So, even though the girls hadn't seen the movie just yet, they had already gotten the dolls!!

When we got back to La Jolla, CA we decided after some short sightseeing we'd have our niece take us to the nearest mall. We ended up at Westfield Mall in La Jolla and watched "Brave" there. It was a lovely movie, I loved the story line and the lesson it taught about a mother's love for her daughter and how both can learn from it. My girls loved it as well. In fact, Sara took her doll Merida with her to see the film! A great day of vacationing!! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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