Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In the mail Today!

I was able to get this box of goodies in, from Japan. A few of the items I will add in my shop soon too!
A complete set of Hello Kitty Stationary one items! Cute Peko-chan doll, a Kurumi-chan baby doll, Yuko-chan flat doll anime series MIP, and a Lot of Star-doll cutsey items, with a compact ring you can carry tiny trinkets, and two sets of kewpie cell phone strap dolls you can dress and put shoes on!!
Lovely Yukochan Takemi Flat doll. I have one other and she is Maho no Makochan. This one, can be changed into 2 other shoujo anime characters! How cool is that!
This lovely Lot of 5 packaged goodies, I found with no bidders. I fell in love with the white doillies first, then realized that they were probably left over doll show goodies or purchases that someone didn't want anymore! My win, included two sets of cute trinket compact rings that can hold tiny things, two sets of kewpie cell strap dollies, one with other clothes and shoes to change into, and one that you can make her dress! Lastly, a set of bjd sized hair clip accessories. All just to adorable to open the packaging, but I did! LOL!
 A closer look at the newly opened miniature rement Hello Kitty Stationary sets. I've been wanting some of the items in it for some time, only because of the childhood memories they hold for me...but never really found them til' recently! I am glad to have to whole set, they will be added to the my rement collection and props cases!

Thanks so much for reading! - ggsdolls

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