Monday, September 17, 2012

Look at This Cool Paper Doll House Kit!!

Well, there was no mail today-_-; So, my youngest daughter and I decided to download this cool "Free" paper doll room kit from The Paper Museum, an online website in Japan for all those cool things you can do with paper!! Did I mention, it was free!!

I only had regular xerox copy paper. But I know the next time I do print this out, I am going to use a thicker grade paper-_-; The pdf file has 15 pages and the last page being instructions, was in Japanese. I decided to only print out the parts for the room itself and kept the instructions page as preview on the Mac to use, while working, and saved on ink.

 The pieces are very easy to asemble using the diagram in the instructions. I must admit this kit was way easier to do, then the Sankei Paper kits, and a lot less elaborate in pieces! It was finished in less than a 4 hours. Now, my daughter has a doll room to play her Lalaloopsies in!!

Even the outside part of the room is nice with the colored roof, and sliding door and foliage. But like I mentioned earlier make sure you use a thicker grade printable paper. It makes for a sturdier house and decor.

The website has a lot of other rooms to create. Like a bedroom, kitchen, a Christmas themed living room, and a lot of store front shops, restaurants, etc.! Download away cause its free!! Have fun!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls