Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lovely Fashions by Oayt in Korea!

Oh goodness, I love Oayt's fashions she creates for Doran Doran. So cute and quality is lovely too! She always packages her fashions with extra gifts for your Doran too! I recently received a green cardigan, I immediately fell for after seeing it on Atomaru's blog! Sadly, she sold out on that one style, but had another offered, thank goodness too! You have to check her out or you can message her via flickr too!

 I received in the mail Yesterday this lovely Teeny Tiny Tumbles doll in blue with cute ponytails. I couldn't resist a tiny soft bodied dolly!! On the right the packaged Oayt fashion that came in. Lovely green cardigan, necklace, and stockings. The latter two were gifts, how sweet is Oayt!!

This lovely cardigan dress above, is another fave I fell in love with. I received it back in August and Oayt gave me the yellow stockings and purse(not shown) as a gift!

The green cardigan above. So cute and i love how it goes with the Lati yellow top and repro Licca Club 67 pants! Lovely basket bags from my dear friend paperdolly!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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