Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mail Loot Today!!

Okay, so for the past 2 mail days, nothing came in-_-; Even though I am expecting some items from ebay, etsy and online stores to show up. It's crazy that nothing comes in, til' today of course!! I really think it's my local village PO. Since they told us they don't accept international mail to go out, they've gotten really slow at putting the mail in our boxes in the mornings. Ugh! You'd think they'd have more time to get mail sorted on time...oh well, another story on another day...

Today, I did get my latest YJA box and also some goodies I pre-ordered from Hobby Search! Check it all out below!!

A small box, but still filled with amazing goodies. I won a lot of poseable posies 2 girls and 2 boys!! A cute anime chain purse, and another addition to my Himeko pin collection in green!!

These cuties, I wish I could keep, but will only keep the blue haired girl!! The others will be added to my shop later today, along with the pink purse!!

I pre-ordered the 1/12 size picco neemo bods, in S and D. I also got their extra hand sets, cute small pairs of boots, and another azone pair of shoes for my Aram dolls! It's nice to be able to snatch some of these items, knowing they'd cost more later on ebay-_-; I love getting my things directly from Japan, cause they ship asap and it comes into Guam with out a lot of hassle...Yay for me!! I can't wait to try out some heads and see what these body will look cute with!!

More pics tomorrow!! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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