Monday, September 10, 2012

More Vintage Rain Bonnets Arrive!

Oh goodness, I think I am a bit obsessed with these!! I was waiting for them to come in. Now, I have a small collection of these lovely vintage rain bonnets. I have seen 3 types of cases that hold the bonnets and I must admit I like them for their cases mostly...
The purses in the front I found thru ebay. Nice, simple and small, with metal handles and a single flower decor at the top. They sometimes have advertisement with company names at the back side. These were for Fuller Dealership. The Hat box purses in the back I got thru etsy. They have the usual barbie style hat box shape, with vase of red flowers and leaves on the front. The colors for both styles are generally the same, in pink, green, yellow, and blue. Though I have seen a red one in the hat box style. There is also a suitcase style, much more rare I guess, as I don't see them are readily available as the others. They do come a bit more pricey too. Still these cute kitschy items remind me of the old days when my grandmother wore rain bonnets!
Heukdan posing with them! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Oh Dear, they are wonderful!Once I had one but I gave it to my sister.

    1. Dear friend, they still have some if you look via etsy or on ebay^_~ hugs, gg