Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some cute items in the mail today!

It's been really slow as of late, but, I've been able to buy just a few items to create scenes with the Doran Doran dolls I have! Here's what came in today's mail!
I found this amazing CharmyTwins keyboard, and mic set still mip! Also won a Lot of Licca accessories, which I only wanted the headbands and a few of the other items in it...Then, I also was looking for these cute miniature 1/3 size Glico Time Slip magazines. I won the whole set and I see the seller gave me two extra copies. I've been searching for them for some time to add to my collections and to find them in a Lot was big savings for me!
Then I also got in the mail from ebay, these cute Rain Bonnet purses, complete with bonnets! I had been thinking about getting them for some time now, just for the bags!!LOL! I have this version in, and am hoping to get another set in the coming weeks with the bags being more like hat boxes! I've also seen the suitcase styled one's...cute tiny and vintage! My fave!

Just see my next post on what I do with the keyboard!! Thanks for reading my posts! - ggsdolls

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