Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My other Project!

I was able to finish the project this morning and just had to share with you what I did!

 I added some solid color pennants to this cute vintage flower cart I got from etsy some time back. It was actually quite plain before. As seen below from a previous shot with Baekdan!

setting up for the flea market

I used a gold paint marker I got back in April from my travel Stateside. I added some gold accents on the wheels, and handles. I then used teriyaki sticks, some beads, string an origami paper. I must admit it turned out cute. Now, Tadie is ready for the flea market! LOL! Besides the cart fits her better!

Now, I am going pennant crazy, and want to place them elsewhere in my dolly cabinet! LOL!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Aw, great work!! I love it and also all the other cute things on the pics ♥

    Hugs, Nicola

    1. Nicola,

      Hi dear, and thank you so much for your lovely thoughts I truly appreciate it! hugs, gg

  2. That's SO adorable. I envy you for having the imagination (and props for that matter) to make such beautiful compositions.

    1. Thank you dear, you are too kind. LOL, I often have to just look around the house for stuff to use! hugs, gg