Thursday, November 15, 2012

Other items that made it in Yesterday!

I didn't get a chance to add these little items I also got in, Yesterday!

 These lovely vintage dolly stickers from Hong Kong, took way too long to arrive from etsy-_-; almost 2 months!! I was upset, but I can't control everything...LOL!

 This lovely Unica Boy doll, I was surprised to find him via ebay Germany, no other bidders too! He is a sweet addition to my growing weird dolly collection! Now, to only find his sister!!

 Unica boy and Tadie side by side, they match! Weird dolls Unite!!

 Oh, I shouldn't forget to share a bit of Yesterday's shoot with Asari-chan dolls on the slide!

These dolls fit the slide scale better! They just enjoy a good slide! LOL!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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