Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some Inspiration...

Today, I was inspired to use a dolly slide that belonged to Taby in a shoot. But because the weather was raining off and on...I had to wait til' later in the afternoon-_-;

So, instead I focused on what came in the mail today! Two small packets!

 From ebay a Lot of larger sized basket bags. I won't be decorating these, instead I will just keep them in my collection! Still cute and lovely baskets bags! I don't see these to often!

 I also got received from the same place, a Lot of 6 doll bags, the blue small case on the right is new! I added the lovely Macoto decal, and a cute red bow!

 ...and the pink purse case on the right, that matches my only pink suitcase! Sadly, the pink suitcases are the hardest to find-_-; Where as, the blue or green you can find a lot of!

 Finally, the red small suitcase on the left! Hard to find like the pink, I added a lovely decal and yellow bow.  Now, I have green, pink, blue, and red in my collection. I've seen the cases in orange, and white! Maybe if I do find them, I will add them too!

I was able to do the shoot and though it was still wet and windy outside, it turned out okay!

Tadie getting ready to slide. Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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