Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Things I did Today!

Last night just before bed time, I was inspired to make some pennants. So, this morning after all my usual chores, I started working on it and finished one part of my project!

I've always loved pastel pennants that I've seen on etsy, so I decided to make some for my Aram shelf. It actually turned out very cute too! I also added lettering! I used origami paper, tacky glue and some string. Now, to make smaller one's for my next project!

 I also received an even smaller package from Japan today! Yup, only 2 items inside! LOL, Adorable Abu-chan baby doll loose with bottle, and a Anime sketchbook. The sketchbook will be added to the shop later today!

 Just to adorable to resist. I found this lovely loose Abu-chan up for auction. There was also some clothing, but sadly, I didn't win the fashion. Still, this wee one is a great addition to my cheaper doll collection. Above, Abu's cute little feet and shoes!

 Close up of his face. Yup, it is a boy!? When I took him out to clean him up, he has his little boy parts too! Sadly, he is wearing a pink dress, I need to find him some boy clothing!

Chubby hands and feet! I love how the sculpt is, with his feet slightly curved and his hands too! According to Yu's Cuties website, "This baby doll's name, is derived from bib, and for our Japanese call it "Abu-chan". It can hold a nursing bottle in one's mouth."

If I am able to finish the other project today? I will post it, if not, it will be shown tomorrow...

Thanks so much for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. The thing I love the most about the photo shoot is the white baskets with flowers. Are they vintage or are they easier to find? I've been looking for plastic flowers and grass for ages! -__-;

    1. Thanks dear! The baskets with flowers I just happened to find while searching thru ebay or etsy. Sometimes she show up easily, if you look. Mostly, around spring or Easter! hugs, gg