Thursday, January 3, 2013

Additions to my Felt Ornament Collection!

I was thrilled to finally get these in! More vintage Japan Christmas ornaments added to my growing collection!

 I found these mice in a Lot of 3, on ebay and sold pretty cheap too! They have rather flat bodies, but their heads are round. Then, I also lucked out and found 2 cute squirrel ornaments. They needed a bit of glue, but otherwise lovely to add to my collection.

 Before opening all the mail that came in. I took my daughters uptown to spend their Christmas money on stuff they wanted. We went to our local Toy store called, "Twinkles" and to my surprise, I found this little critter below! Remember these! I do, as a child they were advertised as life-like creatures that could crawl on your hand, and around a pencil, etc. But little did we know it was possible by a tiny black thread!

 As you can see the price of $5.99, but at 20% off, it was a steal!! All colors too! Sara fell in love with it more and she ended up keeping it!

So, I had to take one last shot of it, before she took him! Ahhhh, the memories!

On a disappointing note, lately, I've been very upset with I've had 2 items lost in the mail thus far in less than 2 months. One back in November, and now, one that was just shipped in mid-December! I can understand, delays in the mail due to the holidays, storms, etc., but for an item to be lost when delivery confirmation is on the package, does not make sense at all-_-; I've had an item lost only one other time in all of my years of buying, bidding online or selling...what is happening to the mail system...I am losing all faith in;

Sorry for the rant. But thank you for reading! - ggsdolls

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