Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another item arrives, on my wish list!!

Well part of it! LOL! Since summer of 2011, my collecting style changed to doll houses and doll furniture. But there were moments in 2012 where, I just about gave up on collecting many of the harder to find items that were on my wish list, til' recently...

As christmas passed on and the new year came into play, I was amazed that, in 2 consecutive days, I accidentally come upon some treasures I had been wanting, besides the Irwin set...yup, more!! I won't divulge all of the things on my wish list as there are many, but as the items come in, I will share with you the wonderment of it all and finding them to say the least!!

Today, I received parts of a set of living room furniture from a coveted kit by Miners Rooms in Miniatures. I found out about them thru a few collectors who own them and one in particular, "Call of the Small". I saw her complete kit posted on her blog and had been wanting one ever since!

Doing my usual searches on the bay, I found a seller, had up for auction, the sofa, coffee table and chair. I decided to bid and won it. Though it may not be the whole kit, it was still lovely to find these pieces!

Below you can see the sofa, chair, and coffee table added into the Irwin room set. I added a few other items to decorate with. It is a bit smaller in scale to the Irwin set, but I just love the wall panels of this room!

If only we could shrink ourselves for a short visit!? The set and furniture is so much fun!

I find myself amazed, that no matter how hard something is to find, it will, and does come into play later on, when you least expect it...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. I feel like in the 1960s :-) Wonderful pieces of furniture! I agree - you never know when you find something from your wish list. You only have to be patient...

    1. Thanks dear Magda. I totally agree^_~ hugs, gg