Wednesday, January 23, 2013

From Japan...

Over the holidays, I had won a lot of 2 dolls from Japan. They finally arrived to me today and I just had to share with you their cute faces!!

 They are cute tan dolls for crafting, I suppose. Similar to the Asari-chan dolls I have. But these two girls look more like Sekiguchi's Poppo-chan dolls!

Sadly, I was unable to find them something to wear. Their bodies are a bit more wider than my other girls and their feet make it hard for pants to fit them. Still, their cute tan bodies and faces are just too adorable to resist. Just like Seki's Poppo-chan, they have kissy faces and body stance, but the eyes are quite different.

Above, my growing collection of mini dollies. The Poppo-chan dolls have big feet and wider bodies. Still, they are a lovely addition to my growing Asari-chan doll collection!

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