Saturday, January 26, 2013

Interesting doll, and book arrive!!

Yesterday, along with my lovely Miners Rooms, I also received an interesting doll and book in the mail. For now, I'm having good mail days!!  Lately, I have been searching for dolls that are not as well-known or popular. Earlier this month, I found this cutie while searching the bay in Italy.

She is called, "Zizi" by Sebino and she is doll bank. She stands about 10 inches tall, with her mod green suit and a red cap. Some may think she is scary, with her glaring eyes, but I think she is quite unique. There is also a Regal Co. version and she wears a yellow outfit instead of green. Her hair is a curly blonde and 2 long braided ponytails.

 Though I have to admit that version, I probably won't get, but this Italian version I love! I was happy to know that the seller allowed me to bid and I was able to her. She seems other-worldly and with that cap, maybe she is meant to be a space cadet or astronaut...LOL! I will have to translate a recent ad of her to find out?! She is a great addition to my growing plastic/rubber doll collection!

I also found this lovely children's board book by Whitman. "In The Teeny Tiny Land." I learned about the book from a fellow collectors stream of many books with toys! But I was able to acquire this one from an online vintage children's book store here!

 The book has many vintage Japan made dollies as seen above! I've always wanted to try to find these cute closed eye gals. They are mascot dolls for a teen or child's room. I see many thru Yahoo Japan, but even there, they are quite expensive!

 On another page is this lovely gal is made by Oike! I have to try to remember her name, but she is a hard doll to find also. I've only seen them thru Japan auctions as well.

 This little guy I've seen often thru the bay, or even thru etsy!! Mostly, just a head for crafting ideas or as a doll. Often he comes up as a search under 'weird' or 'silly faced' dolls!! This book along with a few others I would like to find. It is amazing how so many vintage dollies were used in these types of board books!

Then, of course I have to share with you that I rearranged the Miners furniture room again and added some decorations to complete the look!

Thanks so much for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Wow, what a great mail day!! That book is so awesome and Zizi is lovely, too! I really love her kinda pilot´s hat :) And wow - I LOVE your Miners furniture room!! Want to blow it up for me, so stylish and well furnished!!

    Have a nice weekend, Nicola

    1. Nicola,

      HI dear, thanks so much for your lovely comments! I truly appreciate it^_~ many dolly hugs, gg

  2. I really like hou you furnished this room. Love the furniture. Youre dolls are allways cute and this one too.
    Greetings from Lil in Sweden