Sunday, January 27, 2013

More fun with Irwin and Miners...

 I decided to add a few more rement to the room to decorate the space. But then, I wanted to redo the whole set up and took a lot of pics below!!

 I decided to use the red walls and added a wall separator to the space and make it seem like the dining area was separate from the living area.

 I love how the red walls allowed the art work to be the focus. I just love the end result, and how all the pieces fell into place!

 If only one could shrink for just a brief moment to be in that space!!

 The room came out nicely. If you look carefully at the cabinet on the dining side, I was able to find and use a Sylvanian miniature tea set to place inside the tiny wooden cabinets. It worked out nicely!

 More shots!
I think the blue panel on this side work out nicely also!

Thanks so much for reading and looking at the pics! Sorry for spamming this one, but I am really having fun with it!! - ggsdolls

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