Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Off to a slow start for 2013...

LOL, not much going on these days. Mail is still slow and since having 2 items going to customers lost, and one item coming to me, also lost. It kinda makes you not want to deal with anything that is buying or selling online...ugh! I've notified the various people thru, and sellers, or buyers, but well, we'll see if anything gets figured out...

Anyhow, today, I did try something new and delicious I just had to share with you!!

 I found this, Meiji Galbo Almond Cubes at our local 100yen store. Boy are they yummy! It's like a chocolate cookie crunch with oozing chocolatey goodness! Sweet, but not too sweet! So, if you ever see em' at your local Asian or Japanese food store try em'! I ended up buying one more for later!!

 On another note: I received this wee guy late last week, to be added to my ornament collection for my tree. Poor guy is missing a drum stick, but he's wanted...

Today, I got this lot of 2 clown/raggedy ann type ornaments, both Japan, and their eyes are cute, along with their look! So, I didn't want to pass em' up. To be added to my collection as well.

So far, January has been nice and slow, maybe that's a good thing!? LOL.
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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