Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Vintage Interior Decorator Set!!

Since getting some Christmas money, I have been searching for a few things on my wish list and to my surprise, I found one of them!!

On the bay I found this lovely NRFB Irwin Interior Decorator Set/Bathroom! I was able to make and offer and sure enough the seller took it and the set arrived safely to me today!!

I just couldn't wait to open it up and check it out!!

 NRFB, this is just one of the rooms of the set. Above the box has some crushed areas, but otherwise good. Inside, the sealed bath room set below.

 Just a shot of the instruction booklet of the bath room. I read the booklet and it is amazing the variations one can come up with! I wish I had purchased all the rooms!?

 The two boxes inside the main box. On the left holds the bathroom furniture and chrome fixtures. On the right are the walls, cabinetry, and panels.

 Above the wall connectors, etc. Along with some parts for the rooms decor.

 Paneling above. I love the wood panels most and the blue one as well. So many choices too!

 The bathroom furnishings were fairly simple to put together along with the chrome fixtures. Sadly, one side of the sink is missing its faucet-_-; I looked an looked and even though the box was NRFB, that particular fixture is not in the box!? hmm...

 The finished room. So, amazing and I had so much fun putting it together! The panels are very delicate, but it works well, and the walls design makes it easy to just push the pegs in to secure. I did however, add the rug and the girl! LOL.

 She doesn't look to happy, cause she found out she has to clean the bathroom as her chore!!

Even the panels for the curtain is quite unique! Now, I wish I had all the rooms!! Lovely vintage 1960's styling too! See the fish wall plaques!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Oh, you always find amazing things. This set NRFB is really unique. 1960s design is so much appreciated today, not only for sentimental reasons, but for its modern look. It would be great to have all the rooms showed on the box!

    1. Thanks so much dear! I try to find things that I love and I am glad that you like them too! I totally agree the design is so gorgeous and it would be nice to have all the rooms one day...still on my wish list!LOL! hugs, gg

  2. I think I had one of these sets when I was a kid in the 60s. I remember the panels and some of the chairs look familiar. I don't know which set I had, though. It was either a living room or an office... very mid-century!

    1. Hi dear, and thanks for sharing that with me. Wow, I bet you had many hours of play with the set?! hugs, gg