Friday, January 25, 2013

Wish List Item Arrives...

A continuation from my January 16th post...

Today, one of my wish list items came in and I was so happy it got here fast, but also sad, because a few of the items in it was not included-_-;

Part II of my Miners Room by Room miniatures arrived today. A box that says Dining room set, but also included some bed room pieces too! I found it while searching thru etsy for other things, and to my surprise, this popped up!! Something I had been wanting, since seeing them back in 2011!

 Box on the right, showing all 3 rooms, but this set was only supposed to be the dining room set.
Inside a card from the seller!

 The initial checking of what was in the box. The seller wasn't sure if everything was included, and had only mentioned that the lighting and other decorations weren't in the box. So, even though as you can see below, it included some extra pieces from the bedroom set...

 It did not include the bed. The set did however come with an extra dresser/as seen above, an extra picture frame/not shown, extra mirror also not shown. I did have to glue together the desk chair and part of the chaise as it came apart during shipment. You can see on the bottom right of the top photo that the bed pillows were included!

 The dining room set furniture above, is complete minus the lighting and decorations. Even the dining table had the extra wood piece to make it longer! After I had fixed the pieces that were broken. I started to work on the walls and room itself, but to my surprise the walls, and carpets were not in the box-_-; Yup, the only things I found in the instructions envelope, were the clear acrylic windows! So, unfortunately, I was not able to put them into their own rooms. Instead, I used the Irwin room space below to sort of display the pieces...

 Above, the bed room pieces, with out the bed. I was surprise that the pegs were able to fit into the Irwin wall panels. A bit farther apart then the pegs are supposed to be, but it worked out for a quick shot of the set.
Here you can see the dining room set. I used only a few pieces. But still it looked decent. Now, all I have to do is find some replacement walls and floors for the rooms. The set does have the top and bottom frame for both rooms, along with the vertical supports and brackets, but it will be a challenge for me to find replacement walls and carpets.

Still I am glad to have found this set of 2 rooms. At least, I am able to say this is one item off my wish list!!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. It's exquisite. I love the turquoise chairs! Beautiful, thank you for posting the photos!

    1. HI dear, you are very welcome. I just love this set!! hugs, gg

  2. Congrats! I have almost a complete set and room box and love it. The pieces are so beautiful and well-made. It's great that you got some extra dressers...they are some of my favorite pieces and can also work in 1:12! The dining table is incredible, too, with that extra leaf!

    1. Hi dear Callsmall! Thanks so much also! Since seeing your lovely set. I have been coveting finding myself one too. May I ask what are the measurements of your walls? I will have to make them for my set-_-; I love each delicate piece, and having the extras is nice too just in case. That is what it is call, leaf! I was trying to remember the name...LOL! hugs, gg