Saturday, February 9, 2013

In Narita!

Yup, we were suppose to take a flight back thru San Francisco, then to Honolulu, and then Guam, but the flights were booked so we couldn't get home that way... we took another.

 From Sea-Tac Airport into Narita, we were excited and happy to know we had about 5 hours layover. So, we relaxed, ate, then did some shopping. The girls mostly loved the gashapon toy machines and bought what they wanted! I ended up getting a few strawberry mochi boxes for family to try.

The drink above was yummy! Like lemon lipton tea! We got to our gate early and waited for the flight to board...

Above some vending machine ice cream!

This was the second time Sara and I had tried the ice cream vending machines and she wanted the same one from last trip. I of course wanted to try something different. Both were delicious!

 Yup, got myself a gashapon too!! LOL. Sadly, while waiting for our seats to be given, we found out that the flight was overbooked due to another flight being cancelled and then all those passengers were sent to our flight! I was not expecting that! Last I had checked, the flight was wide open and we were the first on the list to be called!!

But...We ended up being bumped anyways, it was 10pm almost 11, and the girls were so tired! Sara was still sick and she had fallen asleep at the gate waiting for us to board. She ended up being fussy when we left, it was so frustrating...We were able to get a room at the Narita Airport Hotel Resthouse. I was so glad, cause I had heard it was a holiday and most of the rooms were booked!

Once we checked in Sara just went back to sleep. We changed into jammies and went to bed as well! One nite in Narita...we can only hope to make it out tomorrow!?

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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