Monday, February 11, 2013

Looky what was waiting for me when I got home!!

When we got home from the trip, I looked at my dresser and neatly placed in a pile, by my hubby was all the mail that came in, while I was gone!!

 Goodness me!

 I received a small room for Jenny's home manufactured by Spot-On. These rooms are very similar to my Tomy room's made in Japan. I just wanted this small room to add to my Tomy Room's doll house. So, the next time I put them together it will be interesting to see how they are similar. I found this one via etsy!

 While searching for more Irwin rooms on the bay, I found part of the family that goes with the decorator set. Above, dad, mom, son, a picture frame, just missing the daughter!

 Above a big eye knee hugger, I've been trying to find and finally, own! She was on the bay but listed under another dolls name!! It pays to search carefully! She is a red head version with the black n yellow dots, and even has her loafers on! I am guessing she is a smaller version. I don't know much else about her

 Another addition to my Aral rubber doll figures. Here is a lovely red head with freckles to keep my lonely boy company!
Christmas Lucky bag from Supabonbon! I bought 3 of them and sadly, it just took too long to arrive to me. But I must admit I am still happy with the surprises! My faves are the two in the center!!

 Then, here is what I got dolly-wise during my trip. Cute aztec style beads from Joann's Craft store. I love the earthy colors and I am hoping to use them in my Miner's room decor!! or Irwin!! Their like tiny pottery or sculpture decor...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. The red head with the ponytails!! She's such a naughty cutie!!

    1. HI dear Mal, Yes, she is!! These dolls are cute with their naughty looks!LOL! hugs, gg