Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Replacement walls arrive!! Part Uno

I've been trying to find replacement walls to my Miner rooms set since getting the set back in January. I've looked at craft stores while I was in Olympia, WA, but found nothing. I've gone to our local craft stores here on Guam and even Home Depot, and the closest I've found was a thickness of 3/16" which is too wide for the frames groove.

So, I opted to search online. On the bay, the closest I found was a room box pre-made with walls thickness in the size of 1/8", which is what I needed. Of course the seller would not sell me just the wall panels, so I ended up purchasing the set at about 12". Just so that I would have enough to work with as I cut away at the walls to make the same measurements the frame needed. Sadly, besides the 12" set, the next one smaller was 10" and I needed the walls length to be at least 10 1/2! Ugh, oh well, this will have to do...

Surprisingly, the kit arrived to me so quickly. I started to work on the measurements(Thanks to dear Christine of Call Small, she was so kind to give the actual measurements of her kit's walls!), and used a jigsaw to cut off the excess...

 In the end, the walls fit and the frame as you can see above fits nicely. I was a bit jiggly with the jigsaw, and there's a bit of a wobble. But still it worked and now, all I have to do is paint the wall to be similar to the living rm set, dining, that you see on the box, etc.

I tried out the joints to be sure they fit and just put in the set to see what it might look like?! Looking good so far!! Yay!

I will share more with you soon, as I slowly get my set completed!!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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