Sunday, February 17, 2013

Small Package from Japan! Yippee!

It's been so long since I've gotten something from Japan. So, it was nice to go to the mail and see a pink slip and received some treasures I had found thru Yahoo Japan, while I was away on my trip!

 Yup, while I was away, I found this lovely My Little Tomy Rooms - Bedroom set! The seller had another set up for auction, but I already owned the garden no. 1 set. This bedroom set would be a great addition to my collection! So, I bidded, and was able to win the set with no bidding war!

Same box above, only with the side panel showcasing the bedroom set and furniture. Below, as you can see the lovely set is mint, with closet, dresser with mirror, stool, and bed.

 The box was really torn up, but it was amazing to see that the bedroom furniture and the room itself was in nice, minty condition!

 Here you can see that the Jenny's small room is a lot smaller than the Tomy room. So I will not be able to use it together. I guess Jenny's room are more so for the 1:24 scale furniture, where as, the Tomy rm's are for 1:18 scale. But as you can see the Jenny's rm door is almost similar in the way the tomy rm door is made.

 Above, I added some rement to the room. If I had time, I would've also stacked the rooms up with the other 4 sets I have. Now, I have 5 sets in all which include the living room, the study room, the bath room, the bed room, and garden. All I am missing is the kitchen and no. 2 garden set!

 Inside the box for the Tomy Room, I also received another small Machy baby doll. This one is maybe later in age, than the other two I've found? She is a bit larger, has sucking thumbs and a pacifier, along with yarn for hair. My first two Machy do not have hands and are a bit smaller in size as seen below.

Still, she is a lovely addition to my small stuffed baby dolls! Now, I may have too many!?LOL!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls