Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Some additions to the room!

While I was away, I packed and stored my Irwin and Miner room. But sadly it took me a little over a week to finally get some inspiration to take them out, and try the beads I got from Joann's Craft store in WA. Well, also other reasons prompted me to take out the sets!! LOL!

 I needed to take measurements of the Miner frames to figure out the size of the replacement walls for the room frames! So, doing that helped me to decorate the room and showcase some of the cute beads I got, along with a Teenet Lady figure I acquired in a lot of Irwin family dolls from the bay! I've been trying to find a dolly to live in my Miners' rooms and I've actually found part of the family that goes in the Irwin Decorator set, Mom, Dad, and son. I'm just missing the daughter. They're a bit too big for the Miners set, but the teenet lady works better.

 Above you can see the vases inside the shelves are actually beads! While checking out Joann's I fell in love with a pack of white, teal(blue), and terra cotta colored beads. The terra cotta bead is hiding just below the yellow books.

 I also received in the mail the orange set of containers with yellow lids via the bay today. I've always wanted that set and finally got it! A bit large for this scale but I just couldn't resist putting them in.

 The teenet looks nice with this scale of furniture. So, at least when I set up the rooms, I have a dolly to place in it!!

I would really like to be able to set up the Miners' frame and walls...hopefully soon? I'm working on getting some replacement carpets for it too! It's all slowly coming together! Whew!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. oh wow! thanks for puting a link from flickr its me polyester,i love watching the process you have an awsome collection :)

    1. You are very welcome dear! Thanks for keeping up with me^_~ LOL! hugs, gg

  2. So sorry I haven't sent you wall measurements yet!!! I will try to get it done tonight!!!

    1. Hi dear Christine, no worries. I was close to the measurements you gave me and I truly appreciate you taking the time to give it to me. I truly do^_~ much blessings for your help. Now, I will be able to make the replacement walls. I can't wait to show you!! many hugs, gg