Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Items Available! Updated!

More Books/magazines added below!!

Hey again, below are items that are not considered vintage, so I am showcasing them here on my blog in case you are interested! Just message me or email me at ggdolls1971(at)yahoo(dot)com! Thanks! - ggsdolls
Books above! Great for vintage doll collectors of Licca and other Japan made dolls. There written in Japanese, but I love the photos and you can see some rare items too. I often use them for references. Some English subtitles. ((Updated: Beans and Licca Book are gone!))

 Above and below, a dress made by Dollmore for 55cm ABJD's. I used to own back in 2007!! Dress in lovely condition and stored away all this time!!

Below a lovely dress I acquired when I used to own a Unoa Quluts 2.0. Lovely dress can fit Tyler dolls too! Made by Japan artist Petitechop!

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