Friday, March 29, 2013

Living Room Finished!!

Finally, I was able to finish the walls for the Rooms in Miniature living rm set! I received the last set of walls and worked on them today. I also bought a lighter blue can of spray paint as compared to the teal I bought from my last post! I think the only pieces not in the set now, are just the 2 square side tables.

Whew, its nice to be done with a project that started back in January when I first purchased the Dining and Bedrm set!

 Above, the living room set with a few added items, like an extra chair, and cabinets. I was able to reprint the photo above the sofa using the photo seen on the box.

 I also redid the flowers on the coffee table. I got these tiny flower bushes from Wee Scapes thru Joann's online. Even the scrapbook paper arrived today...a month later...oh well. I decided not to use them.

 I was able to find the tiny typewriter that goes into the bedrm set! Now, to decide which color I want to use?!LOL!

Above photo not mine, but the seller's photo of the bedrm set with the tiny typewriter. It's blue, not the color green as shown on the box. Well, at least I was able to find green and pink. I can use either for the bedrm set, which has the same color scheme. I was truly surprised to find them on the bay and they must be from around the same time frame as the one in blue shown above, 1960s.

I also got in the mail some rement! A bit large for this scale, but I will use them in my other houses or room scenes!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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