Friday, April 26, 2013

Amazing Mid Century Modern End Tables by Minisx2!!

Today, I received the most amazing piece of miniature furniture by Patie of minisx2 on etsy!! The craftsmanship and beauty is beyong words!! Oh my freakin' goodness, seriously! I am in love with my new end tables for my rooms in miniature set. I could also used them in 1:12 scale settings too!

In early April I asked Patie, yet again, to help make substitute end tables for my rooms in miniature set. I then, decided to look online for a style I'd like and showed Patie an example of a Strombecker Living rm set end tables(not mine). I've always loved the design and modern look of them!

 I decided to do a quick set up below, just to show how they would look. But later on I hope to show them off better with some tiny accessories etc.

 They are just amazing! Patie is truly amazing and her works are to die for!! So, make sure you check out her shop! I often find so many lovely pieces she sells there!!

I also ordered more miniatures like this one above, a pinocchio figure, more flowers, and tiny babies for 1:12 scale homes!! Been really busy doing other things and hopefully I will have some better shots of the latest things I've been working on...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. They look absolutely perfect on both sides of your Miners sofa, I love the color scheme too.. That blue, the chairs imprimé with this warm brown... Gorgeous !

    1. HI dear Yse, thanks so much and I totally agree with you^_~ many hugs, gg