Monday, April 29, 2013

An Almost Complete Find!!

In March, I also found another "Wish List" item complete...or so the seller had written in the description. I was thrilled and used the "buy it now" process. It took a bit over a month for it to arrive to me, and when it did sometime a week or so ago...I checked out the items to be sure it was complete!

Sadly, it was not. You see I bought what was supposed to be, a complete 5 room set by Irwin Interior Decorator sets. The seller thru ebay said it was complete in the description, but upon inspection it was missing, the metal clip holders for the dividers, the lamps, the picture frames, the knick knacks, sculptures, and the television set! I was very disappointed and ended up filing a dispute.

As I await the seller's response for at least a partial refund and I will keep the sets. I decided to go ahead and set up some of the rooms or areas I was so in love with when I saw them in the booklet!

 The kitchen set above was complete, luckily! As it is one of my favorite rooms in the set!

 The tiny pieces are all in orange and look very nice with the yellow color of the larger pieces.

 From what I can tell it's just the planter that hangs in the window that is missing in this set!

 The family set was also complete in this find. Whew, but I wish all the other pieces were in there too. I've always wanted the sculptures, and the lamps that you can interchange-_-; Above, I tried to create one of the entertainment spaces that was shown in the booklet. Sadly, there are no green wall panels and all the cabinetry are in this tan color, not black as shown in the booklet...

 Still, Dad and his daughter are enjoying some classical music from their stereo system...

 All in all, I am still happy to have an almost complete set...These rooms are fun to build and create!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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