Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gashapon, Gatcha, Mini Capsule Toy Machines!!

How did I not find these cute little machines sooner!!? While doing some searching for Rement items I came across a flickr stream that had some amazing shots of a convenience store and inside this tiny shop was a few gashapon or capsule machines! I simply fell in love and was determined to find at least any version for myself...

and I did!

I was able to find thru Yahoo Japan a lovely set of "Cinnamaroll" a Sanrio character set. They arrived safely to me Monday and I immediately opened up the packaging and put the kit together. There are actually 6 sets, but I gave some to my daughters and I knew they'd love em' as much as I did too!

 The machine sets come in many styles. I saw some that are Hello Kitty, Mickey, Dragonball Z, just to name a few. I really liked the earlier versions with all the Sanrio characters, but sadly, they are hard to find today-_-; Now, the machine itself has a working mechanism just like the real one's with a turn knob and as you turn it, the tiny gashapon falls into the slot, as seen above. When you take out the tiny ball, you can open it and inside it is a tiny disk toy.

There are five of these tiny gashapon toys in each machines, however, the disks vary from which sticker set is given for that machine. Still it makes a lovely miniature for a tiny shop or store! Truly amazing! I see many of these machines in the Narita, Japan Airport and they are the first things my daughters and I look for to get goodies from!!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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