Thursday, April 4, 2013

German Vintage Flowers & a Typewriter!

I haven't been able to post as of late...So, it's nice to get back on here and share some things that came in!

While doing my usual searches, I found these lovely vintage German dollhouse flowers for sale thru a shop here on etsy. Many lovely designs and at such a nice price too! A lot cheaper than trying to get them thru ebay!

Beautiful vintage vase styles too! In the set you get 3 daisies, and 3 sunflowers. Made of paper of course and wire, but just as lovely as the vintage one's you find through ebay Germany!

 Then, below, I finally added to the living rm a desk from the bedrm set and placed the tiny typewriter in! This yellow one works well with the color scheme!

A cute vintage look with the chair too!

Thanks so much for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Thanks for posting, Gigi! I just purchased a set of the flowers on Etsy! They are authentic German pieces and very affordable. Thanks!!

    1. You are very welcome dear! I totally agree they are affordable and a great addition to our collection! hugs, gg