Monday, April 15, 2013

Lot of Pacifico Mid Century Modern Style Furniture!

Believe it or not, I won another Lot of Miner's furniture thru ebay!! This time the sets were unused and opened only once for pics to the auction! I was so thrilled to see the set that I couldn't help but bid on them to win!! The seller was quick to mail them and I received them today!

Sadly, the mail box was crushed, but luckily the seller was smart to put a lot of bubble wrap and styro-foam inside the box to keep things from getting damaged. Sadly, the dining chairs never seem to survive-_-; No matter how careful one can be the chairs are the first to get unglued or damaged...oh well. Still the sets were pristine and gorgeous. Also called, "Pacifico" made in Japan, the Miners sets are amazing. Sadly, though in this lot the chaise was not included. I had all other pieces for each of the rooms except for the chaise and the desk/drawer top that goes in the bedrm. But, then again this lot was not sold with the rooms in miniature sets sold thru Sears, but just as furniture sets.

Above complete dining rm set.

Above the living rm set neatly packaged and complete too!

 Now, I have the bed to complete my set. But I am still going to keep the one that Patie made for me, just in case I want an extra bed!

Yup, decided to set up the bedrm set to see all the pieces. I love this room just as much! I will be having lots of fun with this new lot. Now, I can let go of some of my extra furniture in my shop! So check out the listings for it soon!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Congrats of winning these furniture. I like the style of these furniture . They are great!

    Lil on Lilsdolls

    1. Hi dear, thanks so much. I was happy to win them. But now, I have some extras so I added them to the shop! hugs, gg

  2. What a wonderful find! The room looks gorgeous - I love the set of yellow candles :-)

    1. Hi too dear, Thank you also. I totally agree these rooms are just dreamy. Makes me want the human-size versions! The candles are great too, even though it isn't from the same time period!! hugs, gg

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    1. Ana, Hi dear and Thank you^_~ hugs, gg