Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mirai's Tiny Loft...

Well, it wasn't as easy as I thought finding tiny furniture to place into the "Ben Holiday House" from CB2-_-; In fact, it's still hard trying to find just the right scale size!!

So, since receiving the house, I've gone thru trying out vintage Allied furniture pieces, Marx's, vintage Hong Kong, and even vintage Glico Licca toy pieces... But the only type that seem just right to me and fit nicely, are the vintage Licca Glico toys I had in my collection! Even tiny Mirai Suenaga the tiny bjd from the figma doll fits this house nicely too!

 Above, I tried the Allied set I found thru etsy, that came with a living rm sofa, etc... The chairs seem okay, but in another angle they are just a bit to large for this room.

 I started adding some Glico toy pieces above, like the dresser, the desk set and a Licca desk chair from another set, that you see Mirai sitting on.

 I also added the bed from Epoch Sylvanian families miniatures. At least for now, til' I can find a bed that matches the pink and white furniture in this room.

 Mirai, is doing some homework at her desk....

I did add wall paper to the walls in each of the rooms. I just haven't decided to place carpets or flooring. Still it is like each floor could be a separate loft instead one large condo home? We will see...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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