Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vintage Hafner and Krullmann Bungalow from Germany!

"Oh my goodness!", is what I said to myself when I discovered in early March, while doing some random searching thru ebay Germany, a Hafner and Krullmann bungalow! It was up for auction with a "buy it now" feature, but it also had "make an offer" feature too! I noticed the seller was willing to sell worldwide. So, in a few moments after seeing the item, I decided to make an offer, and to my surprise it was accepted! My heart was palpitating and I wanted to scream, because as you now know, it is one of my wishlist items!!

I was so thrilled and ecstatic, since I knew how much these beautiful vintage bungalows really go for, even in the USA! But I tried my hardest to keep my cool and I had to be patient as the long journey of this amazing find would take a month or so, and I knew it would!!

Today, was an amazing day! Especially, now that it is home with me. Of course Taby wanted to open it up for me and I let her and she even helped me put the house together! The seller was so nice she even wrapped the box carefully for the long travel. Nothing was crushed or damaged!

 The box above, tattered and torn from age and storage, but still holds a colored picture of the house when it is complete!

 Inside, everything seems to be in order...

 We slowly took all the items out and started to clean and put the pieces together...

 Of course the instructions were in German, so we had to improvise! LOL!

 There was some steps we were not sure of, so we had to redo some parts of the house when we notice some knotches were not in the right spot... But it was fun and exciting to put it together!

 Still the house came together nicely. Sadly, the set is missing the flower trellis that goes up against the wall next to the water fountain, and the antennae at the top of the house. I only have part of it. Still, the house is in good shape with some light wear, and the windows are all present, but needing minor fixing.

 The house still had the side gate! Generally, it's missing or damaged...

 This version of the bungalow has only the water fountain, not the pool. So, This side above does not have the extra window set, but instead an open wall with a red pole to keep the roof up.

 Below, the large living room space, can probably include a kitchenet or dining area? hmm...

An amazing plastic bungalow dollhouse in 1/12" scale. I can't wait to place some of my vintage German furnishings inside!! Saved for a later post...

Some lovely examples of other collectors bungalows:
puppenhaus museum
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Just to name a few...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. THIS IS SO CUTE! I can't wait to see it decorated. :)
    Maryann xo

    1. Thanks dear! Me too! hopefully soon! hugs, gg

  2. Great find! I especially love the flooring and the semi-transparent orange front door in this bungalow. Look forward to seeing how you furnish it!

    1. Thank you also dear! I agree, the whole look of the bungalow has always drawn me in. I just need to find space to display and put furniture inside!! hugs, gg

  3. CONGRATS!!! This is indeed a lovely house. So glad you got one, and can't wait to see how you decorate it :) Enjoy

    1. LOL, thanks to you and many others who own one! I must say, it was a dream to find one, and when I did I just had to treat myself!! So, excited to see the possibilities?! hugs, gg

  4. Aver, very nice house. I love it! Congratulations! You must be very happy.

    Lil on Lilsdolls

    1. Thanks dear Lil! I am. I truly believe that with patience and a lot of searching many things are possible dear^_~ hugs, gg