Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mcgroovies and Marx Dollhouse family comparison...

I finally put the Haefner N Krullmann dollhouse together again, and started to decorate the rooms. In the end I also took out from storage my Mcgroovies family set and the Marx family set. Just to show comparisons!

 Marx's Father: "Honey, the Mcgroovies will be here soon! Did you get that particular wine I wanted?"
 Marx's daughter: "Hey Mom, Dad, someone's pulling into our driveway!"

 Marx's Mother: "Yes, Honey I got that specific wine! Oh my goodness, I'd better check on dinner then!"
Marx's Father: "Sara, where's your brother?" Marx's Daughter: "I don't know?"

Marx's Son: "Oh groovy, it's the Mcgroovies!! I think I'd rather stay in here for dinner!"

 Marx's Father: "Welcome to our home Michael!" Mcgroovies Dad: "Thanks so much Mark! You have a lovely home here!" Mcgroovies Son: "Oh geez my Dad is such a square!" Mcgroovies Daughter: "Hi Sara, I have two dolls, I see you only have one."

Marx's Mother: "Welcome to our home Mrs. Mcgroovie!" Mcgroovie Mom: "Why thank you, please call me Monica." to be continued...

I just had to add a little bit of drama! Well, as you can see below. The Mcgroovies as they are quaintly titled, are a cute plastic family just like the Marx's. But you can see they are pastel colored as compared to the Marx family. They both have the same number of family members as well, with a dad, mom, son, daughter, and baby.

 Dads above, Mr. Mcgroovie has his hand extended with a pipe in it, and big blue eyes. You can also see that all the Mcgroovie heads are larger as well.

Moms above, both have the babies in their arms, but Mcgroovie Mom has her left hand extended. Also their hairstyles and dress style are different.

Sons above, very different with Mcgroovies son having bright orange hair and freckles. They both have their right hands in their pockets. Marx's son has a book in the other.

One of my favorite dollhouse people are the daughters. They both have dolls, But Mcgroovie daughter has two dolls instead of one, and their hairstyles are also different. I must admit, I like the Mcgroovie daughter more so, for her big eyes and dress color.

I notice that the Mcgroovies are easier to find then the Marx's family. But when you do find yourself a set, they are a great addition to any 1:12 scale dollhouse!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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